Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Re-Cycle Built for Two!

My Dear Love, I beg, hold your doubts to few.
I'm half crazy, but that you already knew.
It once was a stylish carriage,
And it seeks a choice remarriage.
It screams defeat.  And has no seat,
But with love could improve our view.

Nancy.  Nancy?  Now is my answer due?
You're half crazy.  Love of my heart, it's true.
It's charm I cannot disparage.
And it won't destroy our marriage.
For I'll be thrilled, once it is filled.
And this bicycle's made anew.


  1. I'm impressed! That is so cute. :)

  2. as a katie myself, i do.
    wonderful reducing, re-using... re-newing. . . think how happy that bike is now. just think.

  3. That is magazine quality! I've also seen gardens w/ flowers in old kid's shoes...

  4. How clever!! The poem and the bike!!
    Can't wait to see it!!