Sunday, March 13, 2011

Give Us This Day...Retreat! Retreat!!

Give us.  Give me. 

This day...something to feed me.  Something to feed my soul.  And fill up my spirit.  And recharge my battery.

The Sunday posts have been about bread for weeks now.  And about the journey that takes you to bread.  And simple ingredients.  And new variations.  And taking risks.  And trying doing something new.  And taking making time.

And this week it's about bread too.  And a journey, to Chicago for the weekend with just my husband and no kids.  And simple ingredients, like sleeping late and enjoying friends, and retail therapy.  And new variations, like Wicker Park instead of the Magnificent Mile.  And taking risks, like sneaking into the Fairmont Hotel and pretending to be a guest so the cute doorman will call you a cab when there are none to be found.

Making time for me this week meant I didn't have time for a few other things.  I don't have a recipe for bread to post this weekend, but if you look carefully you will see ingredients and instructions.  You will see that I was fed.

And I had the most unbelievable cinnamon crumb cake at a little hole in the wall called the Red Hen Bakery.  The dripping, warm pieces of batter.  The melting cream cheese icing.  The decadent creation with absolutely no nutritional value...sigh...on a doily...perfect.

 And I had the most wonderful sight seeing companion that told me I looked so cute in my pink jacket that I needed my picture taken in front of the sculpture...that's a whole different kind of nourishment...thanks were perfect.

The retreat is the thing you do to avoid defeat.

Give Us This Day will be back.  Next week.


  1. YAY!! sounds so lovely i do a spring fling dance in your honor!! I DO!!!

  2. Your essays are bread for many of us. Thank you for feeding us with your thoughtful insights.

  3. ahh, good for you! And I think you're right, retreats, and making time for ourselves, are what we need to do to avoid defeat.

  4. Ahhhh...thanks to you, friend! That picture of you turned out great. I'm still telling everyone about my dress. :)