Saturday, July 16, 2011

Notice to Vacate

I have vacated my life; taken leave of my to-do list; turned my back on my duties; stepped away from my resposibilities.  I am voiding bedtimes, relaxing normal nutrition restrictions and giving the gramma and grampa the opportunity to do the lion's share of the swing pushing, face wiping, book reading and ball throwing.  In other words, I am on vacation.  I am no longer in The Middle and find myself waking everyday, and for the next 11 days, closer to the edge.  I am in a magical place where calla lillies grow in the yard, around every corner is a view of the lake, and afternoon napping is not just for toddlers.  It is warm, the bills in the mailbox aren't mine, the job of planning meals is on somebody else's plate, and the floors aren't mine to sweep.  It is wonderful.

I have a lot of busy things going on in my real life these days.  You might have heard, I've written a book, and not only am I the author, but I am also the VP of advertising, the head of the marketing and promotion department, the distribution director and the manager of the central region shipping division.  I have big plans to return to the hustle bustle of shameless self promotion in a few days...but as I've already stated...this week, I am vacating.

I am not totally gone.  I will still continue to participate in important things like parenting, recycling, catching up on Friday Night Lights in an effort to free up some space on the DVR and making sure there are no half empty bottles of wine going to waste.  Some of us are never completely free of to-do lists...sigh.

I have big plans to do things like eat local produce, fall asleep in the hammock, watch the birds on the feeder and bake bread.  I will keep you posted on my progress, but if you are in desperate need of something to read during the longer than usual stretches between posts on theMiddleBit then please allow me to direct to you this lovely little tome that you can hold in your very own hands.  You could drop it into your purse for some light reading at the pool.  You could leave it out on your coffee table or put it on the corner of your desk, so in the middle bit of your busy day, you could open it up, to the middle of course, and read a couple of pages to take your mind off your busy day. 

To vacate...just a bit.

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  1. This post made me want to vacate a bit too! Instead I'm frantically working on my last eds. to get my book out by the time preschool starts. But after that I'll at least vacate one morning all by myself.