Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sold Out

There was a party.  And ohhhh, there were these brownies.  And flowers, beautiful flowers.  And the tabletops were sparkling with glasses of this marvelous pink creation.  And all these people everywhere; husband, sister, daughters, friends, neighbors, colleagues.  And there were books...so many copies of my book that we had to label them so everyone would know which one was theirs.  It was amazing. 

"Read!  Read!", the people cried.  So I did.  I managed not to cry, but apparently some of them did.  They laughed at all the right parts and heard me tell them again and again how grateful I was to them for buying my book.  There was much gathering in the kitchen, but there always is.  Then it was all over, and they slipped out into the darkness...goodnight, thank you for coming, time to read, tell your friends, here take some desserts.  The counters were littered with cocktail napkins and champagne corks.  The piles of desserts were dramatically reduced and the book table was empty.  Not a single copy left.

Good party.

Don't worry...if you are still waiting to purchase your copy, I ordered more today.


  1. That is a great problem to have!! Will there be a reprint occurring? Congrats again woman~ Sounds like it was perfect!

  2. I'm so glad I got sick. You are my silver lining. Thank you!