Friday, October 2, 2009

How Many Times?

will I run through the house looking for "the other shoe?"

will I pour another cup of milk after the first/second/third one spilled?

will I have to use a nail scrubber to get the baby poop out from under my fingernails?

will I have to watch the same episode of Max and Ruby?

will I have to answer the question, "Why Mommy?"

will I have to go back into the house because somebody forgot something?

will I step on a Barbie shoe on my way to the bathroom at 3am?

will I have to do a load of laundry at 8:30pm because the blue shirt is dirty and tomorrow is "Blue Day?"

will I have to run to the grocery store to get the missing ingredient?

will I have to pick the towels up off the bathroom floor?

will I have to pick up the socks from the floor?

will I have to buy wrapping paper from the neighbor's kid so one day his mom will buy salted peanuts from my kid?

will I have to stop what I'm doing because my little one says "I show sompin to you Momma?"

will I have to change my shirt before I run out the door because the little one hugging me had sticky fingers?

will I have to yell out "STOP AND LOOK!" before my child runs across the street?

The answer to every single question, every single time it happens...

Just one more time. Because I love them. Just one more time.

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