Saturday, May 1, 2010

Moaning and Whining

In our house we call her Mona.  That's not the name we gave her, it's the name she has earned with her unfaltering compulsion to moan...low and long whenever she is unhappy about something.  It's this sighing puff of air followed by the most irritating, droning, knee weakening, gravely "Huh-oooooooooooooooh" that commands your attention.  Pathetic.  Effective.  She is my Middle Bit, now nearly 4 years old and she is a riot.
Last week as I perused the long aisles of my favorite wine store I happened upon this quirky little option.  For obvious reasons it caught my eye.  A fairly inexperienced winer, I am regularly guilty of judging a vintage by its label.  I can report, and a careful observer of the photo will observe that the bottle is indeed empty already, that it was decent.  A blend...simple table wine, but very easy to drink.
Not being one myself, I can only imagine the kinds of things middle sisters have to whine about.  But for less than $10 a bottle, if you know a middle sister, this is certainly a more constructive way to wine.  We'll leave the moaning to my Middle Bit. 

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