Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Casual Affair

Ahhh...the block party.

The anniversary of neighborly relations.  No, I live in the gray house on the corner.  I'm married to that guy over there.  Did you know she was pregnant?  How many kids do they have?  Who the heck are those people?

That annual get together showcasing the potluck parade of pasta salad.  Oooo!  Who made this one?  Can I get your recipe for that one?  Is this a Weight Watchers recipe?  What the hell is that black stuff in hers?

The once yearly opportunity to interact with the wildlife other people's children.  Sure, I'll cut your hot dog for you.  No, I don't know where your daddy went.  I think you should go tell your mommy you peed in your pants.  We don't hit our friends, please.  

If you don't participate one of these quintessential American celebrations...

If your life has up until now been bereft of this classic suburban bash...

Well need to move.  Because your neighborhood sucks.  The block party is a blast!

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  1. What if you live in an area without many neighbors?