Friday, January 21, 2011

Rare January Storm. Massive Damage Reports.

Authorities have confirmed a rare January tornado in one small Minnesota town.  Preliminary reports indicate that although the twister touched down for only 14 inches, it wrecked havoc on a small development of gingerbread houses.  A source from the National Weather Service says there was no time to issue warnings for the storm and residents are very lucky there wasn't more damage.

Rooftops ripped off two homes resulted in massive exposure to frigid temperatures and a loss of virtually everything in the homes.  A third home has sustained massive roof damage from a large object tossed by the record wind speeds.  Debris has been found as far away as 10 inches from the area of devastation but unfortunately none of it has been recovered.  It appears to have been eaten by three young girls and a pair of dogs living near the damaged homes.

No injuries or deaths have been reported as the homes were unoccupied. Neighbors report that the trio of confections are only seasonally inhabited by their owners who have gone south for the worst of the cold months ahead. Sources say the owners do have plans to rebuild but may wait until the upcoming 2011 holiday season to finalize their plans for reconstruction.

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