Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Eye for an Eye

***This post comes with a rant warning.  
If you're not interested...move on today gentle reader...
Move on.***

The school yard bully.  The one who makes threats.  Calls names.  Says mean things.  Blows every tiny misstep way out of proportion.  Seeks out your weak spot and exploits it for his own pleasure.  Or gain.

Sometimes, that bully falls on his face.

Sometimes, you actually get to see it happen.

So...in the interest of the wildly popular philosophy "an eye for an eye",  I'd like to get even with one of my least favorite bullies.

Kick a little sand in their eyes while they're face down in the dirt.

Fox News.  You're a bunch of dumb asses!  Your moronic talking heads have been confusing the Commander in Chief and America's most sought after terrorist for more than a decade.  Shame on your stupid, illiterate headline editors!  Mr. News Anchor...you truly are even dumber than you look.

Take that!

We're even now.

I should feel better now.



1 comment:

  1. again and again i wonder whats wrong with the general hearts experience in our country. why is everyone so eager to hate? what is going on ?