Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Suck at Blowing

Take it out.  Turn it on.   And get to it...wrong!

It all seemed so simple.  From the very beginning I knew that size did matter and that the really big ones required a special skill set, but after much polling of friends and a bit of internet research, I figured I could handle it...wrong.

I had no idea there was a trick to it.  I'd seen it done countless times.  On TV.  In high definition no less!  Heck!  I'd even seen it done live several times.  It looked so easy.  Take it out.  Turn it on.  And get to it...wrong again.

One of my first mistakes was not holding it correctly.  I was trying to grasp the bag with one hand and hold onto it with my other hand.  It was wildly jerking in every direction.  At one point, I almost dropped it.  What I quickly figured out was that the best way to position it just the way you want, was to firmly grip it with both hands and to never let go until you are absolutely positive that it is no longer turned on.  Absolutely positive.

I also had no idea that you had to pay attention to which direction you were facing.  I was unaware that if you didn't watch yourself you might get nailed in the face by flying debris.  There seemed to be a way to position myself behind the flow that gave me the best chance of avoiding being hit by the airborne bits.  In most situations I am NOT a fan of safety glasses...I think they decrease the coolness factor of just about any activity where they might increase safety. this case...I would highly recommend you go with the goggles.  I got pink ones...ya know...coolness factor and all.

I have no doubt that continued practice will improve my skills.  I may even ask around for tips on how I might learn to blow better...

Maybe next Fall I can learn how to suck.

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