Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Georgia's on my Mind

Yesterday was not a good day sucked.  
From the minute I opened my eyes and realized what day it was, 
everything that happened was yuck 
because I knew what was coming and everything I did all day 
was only getting me closer to the point of the day that I was dreading.

Yesterday I put my dog to sleep.  
And we were all very sad.  
But we wanted you to know. 

So.  Yesterday is now over.  
And today is today.  And I'm still sad, but I'm supposed to be sad.  
It was a sad thing. 

I don't like the term getting over it.  
Like a hurdle or something you have to clear 
and then put behind you only to look back on.
The term seems to imply that you'll know when it's coming 
and exactly when you've moved past it. 
I rather prefer roll with it.  Because then you get to take it with you.  
You still have to figure out to how to roll.  
Figure out how to move forward smoothly.
With your new shape.

So we're not over the loss of our dear girl here in The Middle.
But we're rolling with it.


  1. Oh, Nancy. I'm so sorry. Please give yourself the time you need, and take care.

  2. blagh. while there are many things worse, there is nothing worse. . . roll on.

  3. I'm so sorry, Nancy! That is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Plus, coming home to an empty house...no dog to greet us...was horrible! I have to remove every trace of her that second...I remember removing her leash from the hook, packing up her toys and bed then I came around the corner and saw her nose prints on the window. I just sobbed!!! It's been four year and two dogs later and I still miss her. In fact, I just dreamed about her the other night. We were playing fetch..Her favorite game! I've never "gotten over it" but definitely "rolled with it."...Hugs!!!

  4. Oh my darling, I am so sorry. She was a dear sweet creature. And what a beautiful post.

  5. Nancy,
    I'm so very sorry to hear the latest news about Georgia. I was wondering why I hadn't seen her in the yard lately. We will all miss the "little bear" as my kids called her. She will be in your heart forever!