Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lead. Or be led.

Any minute now my husband will be simulcast to over 300 movie theaters across this nation.  In just seconds the live radio broadcast will begin.  The thousands that are there to see it live are taking their seats as my fingers fly across these keys.  And it's got me thinking about leading.  And following.

He's a conductor...but not the train kind.  He is a maker of music.  A shaper of sound.  A maestro.'s kind of amazing actually.  He stands up in front of nearly 500 people who are all making their own joyful noise and helps them to make it even better.

Ah.  To make a joyful noise.  Raise your voice.  Toot your horn.  To remember that this horn we have been given can blow more than one note.  And to have a capable director, standing in front of us, reminding us when to come in.

Because we do know.  We've practiced it hundreds of times.  But sometimes we need to be reminded when to sing out.  Or speak up.  Or toot our own horn.

The Dalai Lama says, "Appreciate how rare and full of potential your situation is in this world, then take joy in it, and use it to your best advantage."

Use your voice.  Use it the best way you can.  And appreciate the potential of your contribution. 

Lead.  Or be led. 

But don't just go.


  1. Thank you for letting me be your friend!

  2. WHOOP! (whats the story with the simulcast? how's that work out? )

  3. We saw an ad for it at the last movie we went to and were like, "OMG WE TOTALLY KNOW THAT GUY!" People were looking at us. :) Hope it went well.

  4. Which broadcast I just saw last night, finally--HUGELY impressed by his conducting, he has this wonderful engaged-but-not-heavily-interventionist manner, involved with and leading his ensemble but at the same time trusting them to do what they know how to do. Awesome. Tell him the chick with a stick said so. :-)