Sunday, February 5, 2012

De-Lurk for Maria

How often do the things we carry keep us from seeing where we are going?

We all have loads to carry, but the trick is to figure out how to wrap your arms around all you have to bear and still move forward.  One year ago this week, my dear friend Maria, added a cancer diagnosis to all she had to carry.  Added a disastrous illness to her already full arms.  Gathered it up among her treasures and her burdens...and kept moving forward.  

So she'll mark a kind of anniversary on Saturday.  Mark the day when the load changed, but not the direction.  And so, because I love her, and so many of you have gotten to know her story...

I would like to propose a week of de-lurking for Maria.  A lurker is a person who reads a blog regularly, quietly, anonymously...but never comments.  Maybe nods knowingly at the computer screen while reading the post of the week.  Laughs to themselves when something tickles them.  But never leaves a comment.  We bloggers writers know you're out there.  Our stat counters tell us you're out there.  But it's nice to hear from you all every once in awhile.

If you've been lurking out there, reading but not commenting...this is your week.  I would like to invite my lurkers to comment, to de-lurk.  For every comment left here by someone who has never commented before, from now until next Saturday the 11th, I will make a small donation to the fund that has grown to more than $700 from the sales of my book and goes directly to Maria who, as long as she is alive, will be in theMiddleBit of a fight for her life.

And, for those of you who have commented before, thank you.  I really appreciate hearing your thoughts.  I'd love to hear from you this week too.  The name of every single person who leaves a comment this week will go into a drawing for a signed copy of my book, theMiddleBit.  I will contact the winner after the drawing on Saturday and make arrangements to send it to you, from me, so you can carry it with you as you move forward.

Thank you all so much for de-lurking last week.  I know my friend was checking in regularly to get a lift from your comments!  I am so grateful.  Another donation to the fund is on it's way to her this week.  In other news...pastrylady, I am trying to contact you.  You were the winner of the book last week.  Send me an email through my blogger profile page and I can make arrangements to send it to you.  Thanks!


  1. Continued prayers for Maria and thank you for all you do to support her!!!

  2. I only read your blog when Maria posts them. She has been a dear friend of mine for over 25 years. I'm happy to hear that she has touched your heart too. She is an amazing person!

  3. I've read your blog when Maria rec'd it - so glad you are looking out for her! Consider me de-lurked ;)

  4. Maria's story has lifted my heart and what a wonderful way you've found to support her. (And I get the lurker thing--I've got a blog with over 10 thousand hits but just a handful of comments.)

  5. Alright, you got me. I'm definitely a lurker. I often don't comment on things online because I figure most of my thoughts are either obvious, boring, controversial, repetitive, private, or some combination of these things. BUT, when it comes to Maria, I would shout from the rooftops what I think about her. I am so fortunate to have her in my life. She is a sister to me who has helped raise my children, and she always gives me perspective on the big and small issues in life. We all know what a fabulous positive attitude she has, but I love that she's real about the negative things, too. She does allow herself to get mad sometimes - that's good. (Did you know she can make a full sentence using only one curse word in all parts of speech?) She always returns to her "happy default"! Thanks to Maria, I'm learning to work on my happy default as well.

  6. Delurked! Thanks for your support of my sister!

  7. I don't know that I am a lurker....I do tend to make comments...I can be pretty opinionated matter of fact. I have to say that the reminder of Maria's story puts life back into thankful we all are for the strength of our loved ones and friends. If I could only remember this each day all day long and not get lost in my own trivial tasks. Maria you and your friend Nancy are both inspirations to me!

  8. Nancy - you are an inspiration! I'm overwhelmed by everything you've done. This has been the biggest lasagna I've ever had.
    Thanks you!

  9. Yay for Maria! Yay for my beautiful bride!

  10. love all that you have done for our dear Maria !

  11. You are a wonderful friend and a wonderful writer. I am so grateful for all that you do for Maria, and I am glad that my dear friend Maria introduced me to your blogs.

  12. De-Lurking Commencing: Maria, I met Nancy via my wife and our similarly aged children. We heard your story last year, and were immediately shocked, moved and inspired. Keep fighting the good fight, and thank God for great friends.

  13. Thank God for friends....The kind that genuinely come to your aid and rescue when things get tough (or when it's nearly impossible to put one foot in front of the other). Nancy, I'm so thankful for you!! Maria, your story has touched so many of us who don't even know you...We're praying and fighting for you too...One mother to another, keep up the good fight!

  14. Thank you all for de-lurking. Nancy, I'm so proud of you. You are an amazing woman. You have touched so many of us with your blog and now your book.
    There are many Nancy-isms in my vernacular, now:
    Pardon my French Bread
    Look Mom, I'm a Dork - one of Santa's Dorks (I wet my pants reading that one)
    Calling any good deed "My lasagna"
    And because of you I actually THINK every now and then. I never really thought about the pink ribbons, but your rant really, really hit home (and hits even moreso now).
    I love your Table Talk essay - it's always the first one I read to newbies to your book.
    Oh, and now all the kids who come over for playdates want to make soft pretzels.
    AND I'm told that my ciabatta (lazy bread) is better than anything from the store.
    I've conquered my fear of yeast because of you - and bread is funadmental, right?
    Thank you.
    Thank you for being you and following your heart. It has grown well and wise and true.
    (kudos to your wonderful parents, too)