Friday, February 14, 2014

You + Me

Sometimes a blogger vanishes from the web-i-verse for months.  Things happen.  A disappearance of this nature might cause one to think things like, "Oh no!  She has stopped tragic for all of her readers!" Or something more perilous such as, "Good gracious!  We haven't seen anything new on themiddlebit lately, I hope the blogger is not trapped under something heavy!"

My Dears.  All is well.  I have been writing, just not here.  I have spent the last year or so collecting essays and musings for another purpose...more on this at a later date.

As many of you know, even when I disappear for ages, you can count on me to resurface on Valentines Day and proclaim something publicly about the state of romance around this place.  This year is no exception.  Some of my past efforts to capture thoughts about love can be found here, here, and here.  This year I was inspired to do something a little...different.

What you will find here today, on this holiest of romantic days, is a tiny smattering of words.  They are not your typical love poetry and they don't rhyme.   They are NSFW or young readers and I'm embarrassed as hell that my Dad might be reading them...but there it is...sorry Dad.  They are inspired by nearly 20 years of loving and living with my Valentine and the best partner I could've ever imagined.

You appeal to me about as much as a math book.
When I really take a good look, I think, "Oh Fuck."