Monday, February 8, 2010

My Shining Moment

I am solo a lot these days because the Father does much traveling.  It has been snowing for 2 days.  There are 3 small girls in my house that have been cooped up and are tired of me, each other, everything.  I cleaned up 4 different types of bodily fluids from the kitchen floor today.  I've been checking my email every 5 minutes way too much all day because I need to be reminded that there actually is life out there.  Every 6 minutes I have to pin down the baby and wipe the faucet of snot from her hands and face.  Every 7 minutes I have to remind Mona to cover her mouth as she coughs into my face.  We have 8 inches more snow right now than we did when the Father plowed the driveway this morning.  In 9 minutes I can begin the bedtime routine and this horrible day will finally be over.

My shining moment........

...will pass, when at 10 minutes after eight o'clock I will be opening the Merlot.


  1. hope the merlot was as good as I imagined it would be...

  2. this has been my week.
    minus the merlot. i'm out. must. get. more....
    good luck. you're a saint.