Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm More of a Free Range Chick

Oh my god I'm so sick of writing about organizing!  Somewhere around #15 or so, the middle bit of course, the list that originally seemed like a good idea, turned into a ball and chain that had me day after day declaring myself more organized and more put together than the rest of the "I can't find my butt with my own two hands, let alone my cell phone"  world.

That was so not my intention.

Confession:  Last month's collection of themed posts was really more about my feelings of inadequacy than my skills in the area of keeping my clutter under control.  I've never posted daily for a month before and wanted to try it, but I was finding myself slightly concerned that I wouldn't be able to think of something worthy/interesting enough to get my fingers flashing over the keyboard every single day.  So I set myself up for a series on a topic about which I have already spoken and written extensively.  Cop out.  Lame.  Duly noted, thank you.

What really happened, was during all of this time there were so many things I wanted to run to my computer and post about but then realized that my organizing tip had already posted for the day and following good blogging advice that I received in the early stages, that "no self respecting blogger posts more than once in a day, it's self serving, excessive, indulgent, blahblahblah..." I realized whatever I had to say was going to have to wait. *shaking fist wildly*

So here I was, sitting up here on my organizational high horse offering tip after tip so that you all might learn a little something about controlling clutter, but what really happened was I learned a little something about myself.  Funny how that happens.  It turns out I'm more of a free range chick...don't fence me in with set topics, schedules and auto-posts...noted again, thank you.  I'm not sure what TheMiddleBit is: advice column; mommy blog; stream of conciousness rantings of a cooped up girl in the middle of her life, in the middle of the country, in the middle of winter, in the middle of finding her passion in the middle of another show on PBS that babysits my children while I peck away at the keyboard...but after this month I know what TheMiddleBit is not.  It is not me cataloging my superiority, and that's kinda how it started to feel.  But I digress...

So I'm going to try very hard not to spill it all out in the next few days but I can honestly say that the ups and downs of January have given me enough material to keep me going for a while, assuaging the deepest fears of a rookie blogger that I'll run out of things to say, and shoving back the thought that creeps in every so often "Now that I've got you here, what the heck am I going to do with you?"

Stay tuned for more information about how during the frigid, cloud covered month of January, I officially became a criminal (haven't even told my husband about this one yet, should be interesting), let my child go to school with the worst bedhead I have ever seen because she thought it looked good, started seeing a unconventional doctor who turned out to be the best thing for my pain, unwisely combined champagne with the new Wii, cried crocodile tears at the annual GYN appointment, heard a poem by an 11th century mystic that changed my 21st century life and had a karmic moment that involved a lost cell phone a mad dash to the mail box, my butt slamming into the driveway and the rear tire of my mini-van.

Thank you for sticking with me.


  1. glad to stick with it... but now i have a vision of your home as being labeled and categorized in the most unlikely places... and i think you should come and see my wild attempts at organizing because of your posts and laugh yourself silly... really, a full belly laugh... shoot. . . i'll live without a bin for quite a while i think... :)
    someone has to...

  2. Never even thought of you being on a high horse, just someone offering helpful advice. I must admit, though, that I felt really proud of myself when you suggested something that I already do - like the professional!
    Can't wait to hear about your theft.
    And, we've instituted "Saturday Hair" to give us all a break from the daily hair drama...
    Looking forward to the next few weeks.

  3. sometimes i feel like i'm reading my own thoughts!
    i feel ya girl, i feel ya.
    love the blog.
    keep it up.
    you have much to share. so share it! i'm putting on my glasses so i can read it better...