Saturday, January 2, 2010

30 Things in 30 Days

Welcome to January's series on organizing your stuff to make space for your life.  Do I have any expectation that every single thing on this list will be a novel idea?  Nope.  Would it be reasonable to attempt to complete all of the things on this list in 30 days?  Not a chance.  Will doing the things I'm suggesting change your life?  Maybe, but probably not.  I'm just putting them out there as a suggestion for how to make things a little easier, and a little simpler.  These are not pie in the sky, Martha Stewart budget, Extreme Home Makeover sized, twelve step process ideas.  They are little things.  Small changes.  Do I do them?  Most of them.  And I promise to admit it when I suggest one I'm just thinking about and have not actually done in my own home.  So here goes...Happy New Year!

#1-Decide which supplies you need to clean your bathroom from top to bottom and keep a complete set of these items in every bathroom in your home.  Everybody's list is a little different.  Mine includes a roll of paper towels, a microfiber cloth, a bottle of glass cleaner, a bottle of  tub/tile cleaner, disinfectant and an old toothbrush.  Maybe you are one of those vinegar and water kind of girls...good for you!  Then the space you'll need to store your stuff is much smaller.  Not me.  I keep one of each of my cleaning items in every bathroom so when I get 5 minutes to slick up the bathrooms I don't have to spend the first 3 minutes of my time running through the house looking for the stuff I'll need to start my job.  Oh, and about the toilets.  I don't do toilets.  Period.  I think in 11 years of marriage I can count on one hand the number of times that I wiped out the inside of a toilet bowl.  And when I did it, I did a bad job.  I wipe butts, both human and canine.  I wipe floors.  I wipe dirty windows, sticky fingers and snotty noses. But not toilets.  That is the Father's job in our house and I have no idea what kind of miracle product he uses to complete this task and keep our bowls sparkly and fresh or any earthly idea of where he keeps these said products, but I digress.  Put your supplies in a bucket, a basket or just stuff them under the sink.  The vessel that contains them is not important.  

My point.  Sometimes having multiples of something actually cuts down on the amount of effort it takes to get the job done.  Keep the cleaning supplies in every single bathroom.

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