Monday, January 11, 2010

#10 Your Bedroom is Not a Tropical Destination

#10- Is your bedroom as a storage facility for those items you're taking to Someday Isle?  Take a visual tour of the space where you rest and renew.  Think hard about the clutter on your dresser, the pile on your nightstand, the items stashed under your bed, the pile in front of the bi-fold closet doors that keeps them from opening properly and hanging stuff ditched behind the door.  Did that moment of clarity include thoughts like "Someday Isle return that thing to the store."  Or maybe "Someday Isle finish that needlepoint/knitting/quilting project."  Do you pile books and magazines by your bed with the idea that "Someday Isle get around to reading those."  Yeah?  Well stop.  Stop storing things for what you'll eventually get around to doing and live in a space that serves your needs today.  Take a few minutes each day to remove an item slated for Someday Isle and relocate it to another storage facility. 

Most people wouldn't consider stacking their large pieces of luggage in the corner of their bedroom as a monument to the vacation they are planning to take in a few months.  We keep our luggage in a place that's easy to get to when we need it, but that doesn't get in the way of our daily lives.  Do that for your Someday Isle items.  Don't hear me saying throw away your unfinished projects, forget about making retail returns and don't bother collecting wonderful things to read.  That's not what I'm saying.  Do that.  Do a lot of those things.  Just don't store them in your bedroom if they are not giving you pleasure today.

My point.  You can actually increase the usable square footage of your bedroom by treating it like a bedroom and not a storage unit.


  1. My Someday Isle items that require out-of-the-house activity go in a big basket near the front door where I keep my purse. That way they get out to the minivan.
    Of course, they may ride around in the minivan for a few weeks before they actually GET to Goodwill or returned to the library or given back to the friend who loaned it to me. But, if I suddenly find myself driving by Goodwill I'll remember the junk in the trunk and get rid of it.
    Is that opportunity meets preparedness?

  2. Also, being a very forgetful person, I have found that this basket (or chair) near the front door that holds the junk that needs to go the the outside world is very handy. It's more attractive than how I used to do it which was to tape stuff to the inside of the door or actually blockade the door so I couldn't get out without it.

    Another add on for the truly forgetful. Don't forget your lunch by keeping your keys on top of your lunchbag in the fridge. You won't get far without them.