Saturday, January 23, 2010

#22 Get Some Social Security

#22- If you must carry the Social Security numbers of your family in your wallet then do this.

Let's just say the list in your wallet currently looks like this:
Dad 123-45-6789
Mom 123-45-6789
Kid 123-45-6789

Change it to this:
Dog Sitter (123)456-7890
Midtown Train (123)456-7890
Kitchen Store (123)456-7890

Choose random locations or people with the same first letter as the person whose SS# you need to remember.  Like the first example the 'D' is for Dad's SS# and Dog Sitter.  Place the first three digits of the SS# in parentheses like a phone number and add a zero or another randomly assigned number to the end of the SS# and the list looks like a bunch of phone numbers.  If someone steals your wallet they won't realize what a precious list of identity killing numbers they have their hands on and will probably toss them aside in favor of other items.

My point.  I hope your wallet never gets stolen, but if it does, don't deliver your identity to the criminals on a silver platter.


  1. I have this in my PDA
    I will immediately change the file name and headings!
    Super idea!!!
    Of course...