Tuesday, January 5, 2010

#4 Justin Case

#4-Take a quick look around your bathroom counter, the ledges in your shower or tub and the contents of your medicine cabinet.  All that stuff you see there...those bottles, and tubes, and tubs, and pots, and boxes.  Is it there for you or for Justin Case?  You know Justin right?  "Justin Case I might need this special cream."  Or "Justin Case I might completely change my coloring and this red lipstick I got for free in my Clinique bonus suddenly starts looking good on me."  Or "Justin Case I remember to bring the scissors in here and cut open this bottle of lotion/shampoo/toothpaste so I can get at the tiny little bit left in the bottom."

NewsFlash!!!  Unless your name is Justin Case, stop saving that stuff.  If you haven't used it yet, you probably won't.  If you didn't like it then, you probably won't ever.  Lipstick that didn't look good once will continue to not look good on you.  That last drip of lotion in the bottom of the bottle will continue to be impossible to reach.  Give yourself permission to let some of that stuff go.  Keep what you use daily out on the counter.  Keep what you're sure you'll use often stashed under the counters.  And the stuff that's for Justin Case, donate the unused stuff or toss it out.

My point.  Bathroom real estate is very valuable.  If you're littering yours with junk that isn't yours, the value of your property will go way down.  Use what you love.  Keep what you use.  Love where you live...or at least where you bathe. 

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  1. I"m clearing out all of the scented lotions that sting my hands are really more perfume than moisturizer. I'm going to toss them in a pretty basket, bring them to the preschool's staff room and post a note that says to take one.
    One of the teachers there says that when she gets together on "girlfriend weekends" they all bring perfumes, makeup, lotions, and accessories they no longer want and do a big trade.