Friday, January 22, 2010

#21 Make It Seasonal

#21-Today's tip is a simple suggestion for those of you who store seasonal clothing and rotate your closets.  Save money buying bins and shelf space storing them by having containers that are marked "Seasonal Storage" instead of "Summer" and "Winter".  It's a waste of space to have an empty container in your garage or storage room all Winter that is waiting for cold weather gear to once again fill it when warm sunny days return.  Use a seasonal bin to store whichever clothing or gear is out of season then empty and refill it when you rotate your closets.  As we freeze to death here in the Middle these days, our Seasonal Bins hold beach towels, swim goggles, bathing suits, and summer clothing.  When I'm ready for that stuff I'll fill those bins with snow pants, boots and sweaters.

My point.  Save space.  Save money.  Save time.  A bin that's empty for 6 months of the year is not helping you stay organized.

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