Monday, January 4, 2010

#3 Get Hooked

#3-Since we're already in the bathroom with this list of 30 things in 30 days I thought I'd drop one more gem on you about towels because if you're anything like me you've picked up a few dropped towels in your lifetime.  I might even go so far as to say that picking up wet bath towels from the floor is on the short list of things that drive me the craziest.  If you do a little investigating in your house, I'm betting you'll discover that one of the reasons the towels end up on the floor is because dropping them is simply easier than hanging them up.  Duh.  So what's a girl to do?  Make it easy to hang up the towel.  Stuffing a large, damp towel into a tiny space behind a bar, spreading it out across the bar and pulling it through is not a simple task.  It is one that a motivated adult can reasonably be expected to perform most of the time, but then again, not always.  No child is going to do this.  Skip the bars for the towels that get heavy use in your home and go for hooks.

But where, oh where should a busy mom hook?  My three small children share a very tiny bathroom with almost no wall space for towel bars.  I wanted to give them hooks for their towels and since anytime I mention holes in the paint job, drywall anchors and cordless drills to the Father, he has an apoplectic fit I knew I needed to get creative.  In order to make space for 3 bath towels and a hand towel I had to look for hidden space in the bathroom.  I used removable adhesive hooks on the inside walls of the tub.  Up high, out of the way of most of the splashing, this works well for us because nobody showers in this bathroom.  We have only short little bathers.  We'll have to reexamine this placement of hooks when Marge starts to shower but for now its a way to make use of unused wall space.  And, the hooks are removable so they can be repositioned without needing to plaster and paint...Happy Father!

My point.  Anything that can be hung on a bar, or a hanger for that matter, can also be put on a hook.  A nice low hook where short people can reach it or a nice high hook where short people can't get to it.  Just try it in one room.  You'll be hooked.

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