Friday, January 29, 2010

#28 Keep It Where You Use It

#28- It's a simple idea that's actually very easy to long as you keep an open mind.  You house is made up of rooms that look different from everyone

Keep the things that you use on a regular basis in the places where YOU use them.  If you always sit at the dining room table to pay bills then keep the stamps and the envelopes in a drawer in the dining room.  Stop getting up from your task to go get something from your desk, that you keep there because somebody told you that's where you're supposed to keep that kind of stuff.  If you always grill on the back porch, store your grill tools out there so you can grab them when you need them and stop cramming them into a kitchen drawer.  If you sort mail and other paper on the couch, your file cabinet or Family Encyclopedia (and the hole punch) need to be near the couch.  If your children are always halted in their attempt to put on shoes because they have to run back upstairs and get socks, then start keeping the socks in the foyer...really.  You're allowed to do that!

Walk through your house and take at look at the piles of stuff.  Ask yourself some questions about that stuff.  Is it there because you got it out to use it and its still there because its home is too far away from where it gets used?  Is it a project piled there because the tools you need to complete it are in some other room and you didn't have time to go there and complete the job?  As you move through your week, take a close look at where you do things.  Make sure all the tools you need for your regular tasks are located in the room where you work.

My point.  Make mindful decisions about where to keep things.  Just because the rest of the world keeps their stamps in the desk drawer does not mean that you must.  Keep it where you use it.

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