Sunday, January 3, 2010

#2 Please Throw in the Towel

#2-While I'm on the subject of bathrooms, here's another great tip that I stole from another organizer many moons ago.  When you need to replace your bath towels, now may not be the time, but the day will come when that fluffy bamboo thing drying your clean little self becomes worthy of only wiping dog feet or wax off the car, consider buying all one color bath towel for your entire house.  I can appreciate that you may have different decor in each bathroom, but most times you can single out one unifying color that will allow you to interchange towels from one room to the next without worrying about which color is clean for which bathroom.  You can also do them all in one load.  I learned this the hard way when as a young bride I registered for 8 sets of towels; 2 red sets, 2 navy blue sets, 2 yellow sets and 2 white sets.  Due to the generosity of my friends and neighbors upon receiving all of these towels I succeeded in guaranteeing myself at least 2 loads of towels each week, where having all one color would have allowed me to throw them all in at once.  We now have all white towels in our house.  I can easily add a few new towels when some of ours get a little worn and they instantly match the current sets.  We can mix and match sets in each bathroom and they still have a cohesive look and when I need fresh towels for a busy bathroom I can easily borrow a few from another's stash.  How many towels is a reasonable number to store?  Usually, two sets of towels for each person who lives in the home and one set for guests (two sets if you have a lot of company.)  That allows for one set to be in use and one set to be in the laundry.

My point.  Here's a place where having fewer choices can make your life easier.  When it's time to start replacing those towels, pick one color for your whole house.


  1. Brilliant. Fewer choices always makes life easier. And cleaner. And bright shiny nice too.

  2. And white towels can be bleached!