Wednesday, January 6, 2010

#5-The Urge to Purge

Number 5 on the 30 Things list is an opportunity to purge that comes in the form of 5 simple kitchen questions.  Just because the questions are simple does not the mean the answers are easy, but they are certainly worth thinking about.

How many plastic shopping bags can you possibly use?  Even if you are a professional dog walker and are daily faced with the task of picking up 10 piles of poo as you saunter down the city streets.  Seriously.  Can you let some of them go?

Do you regularly serve 10 people coffee in the morning?  No?  Then why do you need 10 mugs in the cabinet?  Could you cut it down to 4?  6?

Why do you have so many spatulas when you always reach for the same one?  Be honest, you know you have passed over a clean one you don't like and taken the time to wash the dirty one that works better?  Can you let go of the ones you don't use.

Do you have cookbooks you don't open?  Do you hold on to one book because it has a single recipe in it that you use?  Who told you it was wrong to rip out that single page and let the rest of the book go?  It's your book!  Rip it out!  Put it in a binder and move on with all of your newly found shelf space.

How many free plastic cups can you possibly fit in your dishwasher?  Can you keep that many and let the rest of them go?

My point.  Sometimes we keep stuff just because its always been there without really thinking about why its there or if we even use it.  Be mindful about your choices in the kitchen and you'll instantly find yourself with a bit more space.

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