Sunday, January 24, 2010

#23 The OutBox

#23-The going out the door basket is for when you're pushing the Restart Button, cleaning a room or moving things up and down the stairs.  It's a simple concept really but not always easy to do.  When you're working on a room and you find something that belongs in another room DO NOT LEAVE!  You'll get distracted on the way, you'll get distracted when you're in there and you'll waste steps all day going back and forth between your spaces making many unhappy returns.  Start every room straightening project with some sort of container placed at the exit and fill that container with everything that goes out, even the trash.  Do not skip this step.  Do not fill your outbox with other things during the week so it's not available when you need it.  Do not let your 6 year old take your cute pink outbox and make a bed for her Girl doll. 

My point.  Sometimes you have to think inside the box!

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