Sunday, January 17, 2010

#16 Go Get Dressed

#16-  When you tell your kids to go get dressed are you afraid of what they'll put on?  Do you cringe when the Father gets them dressed?  Try this.  When you're putting away clothing for your small people, match up the outfits and put them in the drawers all folded together.  Pants, shirt, sweater all folded together and placed in the drawer.  If you have a teeny fashionista who insists on matching up her own clothes, you can get her involved right from the beginning while you're matching up the clean laundry to go into the drawers.  

Use the drawers to sort outfits by purpose instead of putting all the pants in one drawer and all the shirts in another drawer.  Put all the matched school clothes in one drawer.  Put all the matched play clothes in another drawer.  Put all the matched Sunday outfits in another drawer.  Go crazy and get some labels if you think that will help you sell it to your kids.  Hear yourself saying, "Go pick something from the school/play/Sunday drawer." and being satisfied with whatever they come out in because you have already assembled it.

My point.  Kids, and their well meaning fathers, have a better grasp on activities than they do appropriate fashion choices.  Take some extra time on the front end when you're putting the laundry away, save yourself the hassle of fighting with them over changing their clothes and just say, "Go get dressed!"


  1. Mine seem to match pretty decently, now that they are 7 and 9. My 9 year old enjoys wearing two different socks for some reason. But the worst is when they are wearing summer clothes on a ten degree day, or short sleeves, or think they don't need a coat.

  2. Julie Cloninger LaValleyJanuary 18, 2010 at 9:21 AM

    I don't know about this one Nancy - I think that kids should be free to dress how they choose, as long as the outfit is season appropriate. But, hey, not wearing a coat to school in the winter time means there is a natural consequence when you are cold and Mommmy won't bring the coat to school. This doesn't mean that I don't talk about appropriate choices, etc. but I beleive this is one small area of a child's life when their choice should matter. And I don't believe Jesus cares what they wear to church, even if I do cringe. ;>

  3. I keep debating whether or not to get those hanging organizers where you can use each section for an outfit a day. It would also cut down on the amount of clothes my children have since they tend to gravitate to the same few shirts and bottoms every day.
    My problem is that my youngest is very messy and we seem to have to change her shirt at least once a day. Because of that most of her clothes are mix n match (primarily because she's ruined one part of the set).