Monday, January 18, 2010

#17 Pairs Without Partners

#17-Don't look for lost socks.  Put some type of container in the laundry room to hold the singles that come out of the the dryer all alone and sad.  Make a cute label that says "Pairs Without Partners" to make both you and the sock feel better about your inability to keep them together for this time in your lives.  Let them wait there for a month or a season, as long as you can stand it, but not forever, waiting for their partner to return and if after a period they are determined to remain single don't punish them by continuing to call them socks.  Socks come in pairs and you are torturing yourself and the single sock by continuing to refer to it as such.  Take it our of the "PWOP" basket and give it a new life as a "child-sized dusting cloth" and keep it with your cleaning supplies or a "halogen light bulb grasping device" and store it with your light bulbs or a "specialized car wax buffing glove" and put it in the garage.

My point.  Once a sock loses its partner for good it is no longer a sock, don't treat it as such.  Let it go and move on.

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  1. I'm here and laughing because the index in my next book is called "The Index of Lost Socks." It lists the kind of things that up and disappear and you think you'll never find again.