Friday, January 15, 2010

#14 The JUICE Box

#14-Juice boxes.  The bane of my existence.  The nightmare of all mother's of young children.  The creation of some childless soul who doesn't understand every kid's need to squeeze things thus ending up in tears with a apple juice soaked t-shirt and crying that he is thirsty.

No.  Not that kind of juice box.  J.U.I.C.E.  Just Unused Inputs Cords and Electricals (And yes, I realize that electricals is not actually a word but I needed something that began with E.)  This box is where you house all of those cords.  The adapters and chargers that you can't throw away because you're not sure what they go to...they go in here.  The extension cords, the three way plugs, the extra length of phone cord and the timer for the Christmas tree that you forgot to put with the holiday decor....they go in here.  Get a medium sized bin, slap a label on it that says JUICE, put the spaghetti mess of cords in it and sit back with a look of smug satisfaction the next time your people ask you where to find the missing cord.  Simply wave your hand in the direction of your new storage solution and say, "It's in the JUICE box dear."

My point.  Rethink your hatred of juice boxes.  Know that they can work for you instead of against you.  Give your cords a home of their own by thinking inside the box.

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