Thursday, January 14, 2010

#13 The BOOM Box

#13- What do you do with the puzzle piece you found under the couch, the eye that fell off the teddy bear, the holiday ornament that you found behind the entertainment center and have no intention of going out to the garage to put away with the rest of the decor, and the pieces of the china tea cup that you need to superglue back together?  Answer.  Put them in the BOOM box.  Get a small bin, slap a label on it that reads BOOM and put it somewhere that you'll have easy access to it.

The letters in BOOM box stand for Broken Odd Or Missing and that's exactly the kind of stuff that should be stored in your home's BOOM box.  That stuff that clutters up your kitchen window sill, finds its way into your junk drawer, or takes up some other space that should be used for more immediate projects; put it in the BOOM box.  The BOOM box does not just have to be the storage space for the broken and misplaced.  Those odd items that you know you'll need someday but you're not sure where to store...they go in this box.  Among other things, our family's BOOM box is the permanent location of a whistle, a bag of tiny drink umbrellas and an EZ Pass for the New Jersey Turnpike.   

My point.  Sometimes you have to think inside the box to be successful at organizing your space.

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  1. yeah, that is a great idea, I should probably do that instead of throwing them away, like I usually do! eek! don't tell!