Tuesday, January 26, 2010

#25 High Marks

#25-  The tip today is more of an "I had never thought of using that tool in quite that way before."  Will is change your life?  No, probably not...but then again...you never know.  Dry erase markers are not just for dry erase boards anymore.  Any non-porous surface can be re-appropriated as a place to leave messages, make lists, take notes, or share ideas.  Glass doors, bathroom and hallway mirrors, microwave (if its light in color) doors, car windows, shower doors and walls, the underside of the toilet seat lid and hundreds of other smooth surfaces turn out to be great places to leave a thought.

One of my favorites uses of this high tech writing device is our revolving "to-do" list that goes on the white glass door of our microwave.  The list is always there for anyone, read: husband, to see and it is very satisfying to swipe off an item after it has been completed.  I also leave messages for children, husband and guests on the bathroom mirrors (and a spare black dry erase marker can be found in every bathroom of our home.)  There's no reason to discuss the messages that get left on the inside of our master bedroom shower...sorry Dad.  Notes on the glass door can remind kids to close the door, wipe their feet, or bring their bikes in before they finish playing.  I keep a marker in my car to write directions on the driver's side window: I60 North, Exit 34 turn Left, 4th house on Right.  I don't have to fiddle with scraps of paper that always seem to get dropped and simply putting the window down and back up, wipes away the evidence.

My point.  Sometimes using an old tool in a new way can simplify your life.  Go buy a pack of wide tip, black dry erase markers and get writing!

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