Monday, April 26, 2010

Sometimes, Even Solid Crumbles

My foundation is solid.  Solid.  My life is built on stable ground, with a solid foundation of bricks that say things like,

"I'm prepared for..."
"They all expect me to.."
"I always planned on..."
"You can count on me to..."
"I'm certainly capable of..."
"I have everything I need for..."

But then the whole thing is razed by

"I want..."

Like a carefully controlled demolition with destructive charges aimed at the most critical places, "I want" knocks the whole thing down.  "I want" makes me forget about my needs.  "I want" causes me to lose sight of the treasures I already have.  "I want" has me spending too much time looking ahead and not enough time looking at the joy on my left.  And the love on my right.  And the abundance in my lap.  And, and, and...

My foundation is solid.  Solid.


  1. We can always count on the crumble, because solid is never solid. But there is something that lasts forever.

  2. I crumble often, best thing about that is, each time a structure falls, we build a bigger, better, more solid one in the wake of the rubble.