Thursday, November 10, 2011


The utility company called this week and told me they were conducting routine maintenance in my area.  There would be an interruption in my service for approximately 2 hours on Thursday afternoon.  They apologized for any inconvenience this might cause me, but I should plan for a loss of power and make sure I could continue my afternoon's activities with that in mind.  Simple stuff.  Not a big deal.

But what if someone really did call you one day and tell you they were going to turn off your power.  Your own power.  Hm.  It makes you rethink power.

Power doesn't always beam and sparkle.  Sometimes power lets you stay in the dark.  Shields you from knowing.   

Power doesn't always push.  Or pull.  Power doesn't always make things move.  Sometimes power holds you very still.  Sometimes power holds your tongue.

Power doesn't always grip tightly.  Sometimes power lets go.

Power doesn't always heat it up, or keep it cold.  Sometimes power just lets it be.

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