Saturday, September 5, 2009

Call the Authorities

I cannot be the only mother who is concerned about Max and Ruby. If you've never read a book about them or seen their show my ranting will be meaningless to you. She is a 7 year old bunny. He is a 3 year old bunny. She hosts play-dates, bakes cookies and takes the bus into town to run errands. He speaks in one word sentences, puts popsicles in his pocket and keeps a 6 month old Easter egg in his sock drawer.


Every single episode of this charmingly disturbing animated series features these bunnies hopping around their house abandoned by their parents, free to roam doing as they please from morning until night. This ain't no rabbit hole folks. Its a 1,500 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with a well equipped kitchen, spacious living area and large backyard. The only thing that's missing from this tragedy is a swimming pool with no fence!

I question whether or not they even have parents. Max and Ruby never mention Mom or Dad in any way. They could be runaways. Ruby is a clever kid, she's gotten almost every single Bunny Scout badge, including the one for making brownies that elicited comments from consumers that bordered on inappropriate. Ruby herself admits that the brownies have a 'special ingredient'. Maybe she's running a side business out of the the seldom seen garage. And then there's Grandma bunny. She seems to care about Ruby and Max but not enough to be concerned about about their total lack of supervision.

I am disturbed by how much my children love this show. I am bothered by the lessons it teaches about being independent in the face of parental neglect. It is never ok to send a 3 year old to the store by himself to buy more eggs. Period. Dirt cakes made with live worms are not to be eaten even if they have marshmallows on top. Gross. Inviting your friend over to play doctor with your 3 year old brother is not appropriate. Ever.

Someone call Child and Family Services. Now!


  1. I completely agree with you here, and am also bothered by how much my middle child loves this show. I don't even know why? What is it about it that makes them love it so much?

  2. Plus, Ruby is a total jerk to Max. Very sad.

  3. This is hilarious! I can't tell you how many times I have thought the same things regarding this show. Thanks for your soap box comments.

  4. I am starting at the beginning to find out more about the 'husbands at home' thing in your latest post...and wondering if there are other mommies who have daddies so far away like our own.

    That question isn't answered yet, is my Max and Ruby opinion. The show is a product of the Duggars...I mean, come on,'s SOOO obvious. Max and Ruby really have another dozen plus siblings, and parents about that house, but, Max and Ruby are featured because they are 'Bunny Buddies.' Have no fear, they aren't neglected, just Duggarized.