Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It came. She went.

"When will it be here? When will it be here?" It seemed to take forever but all of a sudden it was way to fast. It roared up the street. You could hear it long before they saw it turn the corner. I remember the excitement I felt every single time. The thrill of the yellow and black chariot that would carry me to the big party every September. They clapped and squealed with delight, all I heard was the growl and the screech. Can something be too big to hold a tiny girl?

She was ready. She stepped right into line and marched up the steps without even a backwards glance. That's what you want a parent. To prepare them for their first day of anything. So they can enjoy every minute of it without fear. Without anxiety. Without you. Not even one single part of me wished she had hesitated, looked back for her Mama because she needed me or wasn't ready to go. Not one single part.

It might get easier. This was just the first day of many first days.

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