Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Princess and the Peas

The following will definitely fall into the category of RANT!

I cannot tolerate anymore complaining from people about what their kids will and will not eat! Don't tell me your children will only eat macaroni and cheese or hot dogs! Do you ever give them anything else? I was in the grocery store this morning and I saw an infant with some kind of soda in his baby bottle! I had to stop myself from crying out in pain and I watched THIS INFANT SUCK SODA WHILE HIS PARENT SHOVELED PROCESSED GARBAGE INTO HER CART!!! She looked over at me, rolled her eyes and actually defended her beverage selection by saying, "Giving him Coke is the only way I can get through the grocery store." I bit my tongue and did NOT say YOU'RE ABUSING YOUR CHILD AND IF YOU CAN AFFORD A BOTTLE OF SODA YOU CAN AFFORD TO PAY A TEENAGER $4 TO WATCH YOUR LITTLE BEAST WHILE YOU GO TO THE GROCERY STORE!!!!!!!! And yes!!! Using extra exclamation points makes me feel better!!!!!

Whew. Ok. Rant over. Now I get to the part where I compliment myself and the Father for doing a good job exposing our girls to lots of wonderful things. (Hey, it's my blog, I can write whatever I want!) Is dinnertime at our house an idyllic journey from plates full of tofu and soba noodles to full bellies and children calling out for more rice milk? No!!! We have three children under the age of 6, dinnertime at our house is a three ring circus. But sometimes we feed the monkeys peas. Frozen. Right out of the bag. The game at our house is to see if you can eat them all before they thaw. And I thought, in the middle of your day, you might get a kick out of seeing my Middle Bit in action.

What is critical to note about the following video is although it may seem that the speed of this video has been enhanced as you watch Mona's hand flick back and forth to the plate of frozen peas with lightening speed, NO SPECIAL EFFECTS WERE HARNESSED IN THE MAKING OF THIS FILM!


  1. AGREED! The food argument drives me nutty. Soda in a bottle is about the worst thing I have ever heard. The only time any of my kids get a soda is for a special treat and it's not much...also not coke, sprite or root beer. This includes the 12 year old. IN A BOTTLE!?! I can't even wrap my head around that one.

  2. Coke is taking it WAY too far...but I will say that I used to get really dirty looks from little old ladies who saw me feeding my (special needs) daughter...she got chocolate or strawberry Pediasure in a bottle, which I fed to her because she has developmental disabilities. And I actually had one woman say that if she was old enough for chocolate milk, she was old enough to drink it from a cup all by herself. That woman still has all her teeth, but a little less dignity after her lesson in the finer points of not judging a book by its cover. But again, Coke? Are you kidding me? And then to try to play it off like you really don't see a problem with it when you know the only reason you are saying something is that you feel guilty about letting your child rot his teeth out. I don't envy her dentist bills!

  3. I love it! your video is hilarious -- that staccato arm movement...would have never been able to script that. :) As for the coke, I saw the same thing one day at a clam chowder place in Pismo Beach, CA. I thought right away, "child abuse," but then again, I am a dentist and have seen a lot of pathology/am biased. I almost said something...and regret I didn't. BTW, try frozen edamame beans with a little salt sprinkled -- my son loves those, too.