Monday, September 20, 2010

The Apple iOwn

The wildly anticipated Apple iPhone.
But there's another apple that is just as sought after.  

Just as hoped for.  

People who know me are aware of how I feel about Honey Crisp apples.  People who follow me have read about various atrocities committed by me whilst under the influence of this magnificent piece of engineered produce.  People who love me, madly text me upon discovering the first signs of these glorious fruits in the local grocery store.

Well, people.

They're here!

And they're wonderful.

And I'm not sharing.

So there.


  1. Our Cub Foods has them for $1.99 a lb. Now that's a good deal!!

  2. I asked my mom to keep her eyes peeled, and last week she brought home three GLORIOUS honeycrisp apples! Hurray!