Friday, September 10, 2010

You Have to See It AND Believe It

The Alchemist calls them omens.  The Godfather refers to them as signs.  My sister knows the hand of God places things directly in her path.  Karen says the things we see just at the right time would have always been there, we just have to be ready to see them.

I'm certain they're all correct, because everyone sees things with their own eyes.  We all have our own reasons for seeing things.  Our own sensibilities, our own minds, experiences, history, needs.

I don't know what I think, but I do know I've been seeing things lately.  I know that a book a received months ago and never glanced at until two days ago just happens to have a Forward written by a man whose class I will be taking next week.  An omen?  Maybe.  I know a fragile twig in the neighbor's yard was planted on the same day I decided to name the tiny seed of spirituality that I have been cultivating for months.  A sign that I'm on the right track?  Maybe.  I know that a 4 year old's request to have a red ribbon on one pigtail and a pink ribbon on the other pigtail is the simple whim of a child but a grounded reminder to a grown child of how her own mother is battling heart disease AND surviving breast cancer.  Ribbons or mindfulness?  Both, for sure, if you see it that way.

I thought for a long time I wasn't looking in the right place and that's why I was coming up empty in the inspiration department.  I blamed it on a Faith that didn't fit me and a venue that didn't ground me, but that's a cop out.  What's true, is that I was searching without looking.  Seeing things without really being mindful of what they were telling me.  Well, like I said before...I'm seeing things these days.

But then there's the next part.  Seeing it AND believing it.  Seeing it and believing that it can have an impact on your choices.  Seeing it and being mindful.  Seeing it and allowing it to nudge you towards your next move.  Seeing that it's there for a reason and it's not just a coincidence.

I'm seeing them.  I'm believing them.


  1. . AH. thought provoking. i'm off to mull.

  2. Julie Cloninger La ValleySeptember 10, 2010 at 8:13 PM

    As always a timely and relevant post Nancy. I believe that we all see what we are able to see given where we are in life. I recenlty had an eye (and heart) opening epipheny regarding a bible passage I've know by heart since I was old enough to go to Sunday School. Psalm 23 has always comforted me: "The Lord is my shepard; I shall not want . . ." Until recently that passage meant, to me, that because the Lord is my Shepard my needs and wants would be met because the Lord was my protector and would see me through the storms of life. My eyes (and heart) were opened by really thinking about the verse and observing the punctuation. The semi-colon is a pause. I know and trying to wrap my mind around a new interpretation of the verse. The Lord is my Shepard. Yep. I SHALL NOT WANT. Wow, really? I think his message is that I should not want. Not want what? Still struggling with that, but for me the message is clear. I am supposed to trust his divine grace to meet my needs, unspoken, unseen, hidden from the rest of the world. I shall not want.