Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Did You See That?

Headed out on a major errand run with a few of my children.

Rushed, always.

Unwashed, since who knows when.

Hat wearing, with sunglasses, LA incognito style.

Holey, not holy, leggings tucked into my oversized, fur lined boot-type footwear.

Full mommy mode, focused on the list and not the self.

Hoping NOT to run into anyone I knew, please.

In an uncharacteristic display of mindfulness, just happened to look up at a billboard that was rushing up towards me on the side of the highway.  It said:

Complacency leads to sweatpants.

And there it is...once again.  We see what we need to see.


  1. You know how in the event of an emergency on an airplane you are supposed to put your oxygen mask on first and then help your children put on theirs? Women should extend that principle to the entirety of motherhood. If we take care of ourselves first, we'll be in better shape the take care of the kids. For me showering and putting on real pants are like the oxygen mask. Whatever you are doing instead of those two things is not as important.

  2. I am with Ronica on this one. I must at least shower each day so I feel like I am somewhat with it. My clothes may not match and I may have food on me by 8:30, but at least for 10 minutes I was clean.