Monday, December 21, 2009

Fairer Still the Moonlight...

"Fair is the sunlight, fairer still the moonlight."

Sunshine is amazing, but moonlight is a gift of special light.  The glow of something that has no actual light of its own seems like an impossibility.  On this longest night of the year, the illuminating moon can be a lesson for when we feel like our own light is dimmed.  Or for when we feel like our own light has gone out.  We can still give light even as we reflect the light of others.  In the darkness, the moon is not just a frozen rock circling the Earth.  It gives light.  The challenge for us is to look for a light source in the dark space and reflect it back like the moon does.  The moon will always have the sun.  The moon does not just wait for the night to be over so the sun can come up again.  It gives us light in the dark.  Turn into yourself tonight as you turn in to your bed and decide if you're just waiting.  What can you be doing while you wait?  What light can you reflect?

Solstice 2009, sunset at 4:34pm here in the Middle

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  1. Nancy, I have read it twice, and I'm sort of keeping my gaze averted both times... Must be something powerful in there ! what a challenge... are we just waiting?! well done, well done.