Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fits Me to a Tea

Why is it that when you tell someone you drink a pot and a half of coffee everyday before noon they gasp and judge?  Why do they roll their eyes and make some sort of comment about your need for caffeine? 

I'm basically a good person.  I eat whole grains whenever possible.  I check my smoke detectors twice a year, wear my seat-belt and compost my kitchen scraps.  Good yeah?  What right does somebody with fewer children than me, or more hours to sleep, or less responsibility, or more 80 degree weather have to judge my caffeine consumption?

They give you crap about your coffee habit, those nay-sayers out there...shame on them.  But when you off handedly mention that you drink cup after cup after cup of Chai black tea with just a touch of sweet all seriously all day, my hot water kettle is fulfilling its life dream of always being hot and full, which is basically a good life dream for everyone but I get all of these welcoming supportive statements like "Ooo, which one do you buy?" and "Oh I am SO a tea drinker too!" or "It's so calming isn't it?"

Not fair.  People have never judged my preference for chocolate over vanilla, geometry over algebra, blue-eyed boys over brown-eyed ones or Manolos over Louboutins.  What's the deal with coffee versus tea. 

Love, love, LOVE my Chai.  But my pot and a half of Costco light roast fits me to a "T"!


  1. YAY for coffeee..... I would die (literally! my head would explode) if I had a full pot every day but I do LOVE my two cups... and tea is only for the sick, or the weak, i say... :)