Friday, December 18, 2009

Jingle This!

I have been called a Christmas Freak and a compulsive decorator.  Not untrue.  I have been told I am obsessed with trees that have lots of tiny white lights.  Guilty.  I currently have 18 of said trees in my home.  I have been on the receiving end of many rolled eyes and sighs of disgust when upon the packaging up of the leftover turkey on Thanksgiving day I bust out my CDs of Christmas music.  "Can't we just wait until tomorrow at least?" they ask.  No.  We can't.

But yesterday I received a first.  Yesterday was the first time anybody ever told me I was like a Christmas squirt gun.  The blank look on my face must have pushed this Scrooge to elaborate because she went on to say I was like a Christmas squirt gun because nobody sees me coming.  I walk up to a crowd of people just standing there doing their thing and unload my sparkle, sprinkle, tunes for humming, have a tree shaped cookie, hold this Christmas pillow while I take your picture because it looks so cute with your sweater attitude.  Um.  Ok.  That's me.  But is that so wrong?  I come by it honestly.  My mother has actually been known to decorate people if they sit still for long enough on her couch during a holiday gathering and they had the audacity to show up without enough sparkle.

Fine, Scrooge.  If I'm the squirt gun.  What are you?   The sponge?  If you are, then look out, because I have an endless supply of warm holiday cheer that will flow out all over your little parched self and fill you up allowing you to achieve the life dream of any sponge (to be hot and full)!  I can decorate, frost, bedeck, sprinkle, sparkle, string up,light up, wrap up, and sing out until you are begging to be rung out because you simply cannot wipe up any more celebratory juice!

So, Scrooge, I'll take your compliment!  I'll be the Christmas squirt gun, but look out because I'm not just your ordinary squirt gun.  I'm a holiday Super Soaker!  Jingle That!

1 comment:

  1. yes, but at least she did not call you a bedazzler...
    i hope it brings you good heat and fullness as you spread it around. That surely was wierd to type.... merry christmas!