Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Step

Just look at the size of the step she has to take to get on that bus.  It's almost like she needs a hand to grab from the sister who leaped up just ahead of her.  Or maybe a boost from Mom standing just out of the picture.  That final reach with her leading foot, up on her pink sparkly toes in the back.  Climbing into the mystery of the school bus that will carry her to the great big hallways full of friends and classrooms full of new experiences.

Her sister knows about those things.  She knows a lot of things and she is more than happy to tell you about them.  She has been passing down information about school for two years now and my MiddleBit has been taking it all in.  Reaching out for more and more details as her first day of school approached.

I know about those things too.  I am so excited for her to go and do them.  I was thrilled for her to go out the door this morning and up into that bus.  I didn't push her out, she didn't need much encouragement.  What I gave was more of a boost.  From just outside the picture.

Today was her turn to take her first ride on the big bus.  Just look at the size of that first step.

It's huge.

And she made it.

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