Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not Proud. Proud.

I am not proud of my behavior yesterday in the produce aisle of our local market.  But there it is...I was furious.  I let it a mostly safe way...and then I immediately moved on.  It was kindof amazing.  Like the scary valve on the top of a pressure cooker...once I let it out, my anger was completely gone...hmmm, lesson to be learned here perhaps?

Anyway, I am proud of something else.  I have invented a drink.  An adult beverage.  A cocktail! be honest, I haven't actually invented the drink itself...I have given it a new name.  A style makeover of sorts.  Seriously upped its "coolness factor".  When you combine 2 parts club soda and 1 part red wine some folks call it a Red Wine Spritzer.  I've always felt that a Spritzer would be the kind of drink somebody named Muffy would order.  Very fah-ncy.  So, we renamed it.

When you want to be served 2 parts club soda and 1 part of Beaujolais (red wine) over ice in a big girl glass in our house, you order a...


Makes that bottle of red last a lot longer...nice. 

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