Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Just as Good as a Tree

The situation is, we do not have a tree in our yard large enough for my girls to climb.  They want one.  They asked me to plant a tree of sufficient size.  And they were not happy when I explained that you can't just plant a tree that big.  You have to put in a small one and wait.  Years.  "But Maaahhhhhm.  We want to climb."

My children don't have a climbing tree in their yard.  My children don't have a lot of things.  Ten years ago too many people didn't get to wake up on September 12th and be sad about what they didn't have.  I am sad for the people who wake up everyday and don't see what they do have.  How long have you been waiting for something to appear?  How long have you been seeing something only as the world sees it?   

Is it because you lost someone?  Or something?  Or failed, or missed an opportunity, or simply screwed up?  We fold our tragedies into the layers of our lives.  We build on them.  They either raise us up and make us more solid or rock our foundations and make us unstable.  Your tragedies may not look like anyone else's, but make no mistake...the towers we build collapse all the time.

How many days did you waste wishing for something to be true...that just wasn't?
Stop.  Be grateful for what it is.  Or make it into something else.

See what you do have.

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  1. my god, N. Do you think this way as you walk through the world? it is good.