Saturday, September 17, 2011

How's That for Interaction!

Facebook is not the solution to the problem of feeling disconnected.  Facebook does not keep a list of who your true friends are.  Facebook does not contain a record of how your friends are truly feeling.  Facebook does not bring people together, it keeps them at home.  Alone.  Interacting with their devices instead of their people. 

That being said...the following is a picture of me interacting with Facebook.  I am displaying this exuberant image of my unwashed, pajama clad self as a way to connect with all of you.  What you cannot miss is how truly overjoyed I am at the status I am reading on my Facebook news feed.  The news that my true friend, my actual real life friend who also happens to be my Facebook friend, is celebrating some amazing news and if I could run up and crush her with my hugs and tears of joy, I would.

She is 2,000 miles away.  I am in my pajamas.  We'll get to that hug some other day.

Facebook is not everything...but it's something.

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