Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Can Bearly Stand It ...

It's this nagging tug in the back of my mind.

It's an uncomfortable little bit of guilt that I can't shake.

The longer I let it sit there the bigger it grows.  The worse it gets.  The scarier it seems.

I haven't posted on this blog in nearly 6 weeks.  Sorry.  I made a promise to myself, and unofficially to my readers, even before I had any, that I was never going to post just for the sake of posting.  If I didn't have something worthy to share, or a piece that was well written enough to be "out there" then I would just skip it.  I am intensely grateful for the fact that any of you read what I have to say.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for the time it takes you to come to theMiddleBit and read my words.  And I am not going to waste your time with junk.

Thank you for taking the time.  I am embarking on a bit of a photo journey during the month of September to guide my writing.  Part exercise, part really seeing what is right in front of me, part sharing with you.  What you will find here everyday for the next 30 is a picture of something that happened that week and the words that flowed out as a result.

Just when you can barely stand it any longer.  That thing right behind you.  When you get out in front of it and go back to acting like yourself again it's amazing what happens.

It's not nagging at me anymore.

I'm finished feeling guilty. 

It is big. 

It could be worse. 

And it's often scary.

But this time, it's behind 3 inches of safety glass. 


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  1. always glad to come, always glad for the care you take in giving something worth reading... and always glad for safety glass...