Friday, September 2, 2011

Which Came First?

Does a picture ever remind you of something funny and completely random?

I am always looking for a clean good joke that I can tell in mixed company without getting myself into trouble.  My children's ears are not so little anymore and they WILL repeat everything they hear so I have to be very careful these days.

This one fits the bill in every!

A chicken and an egg were snuggled next to each other in bed late at night.  The chicken, with a very frustrated look on it's face, laid very still, with its wings crossed over its breasts angrily.  The egg, nearly falling asleep, and smoking a cigarette turned to look over at the chicken and simply said,

"Guess we answered that question didn't we?"


  1. HA ! if i can remember, i'll repeat that one myself. love the genderlessness... possibly...