Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Question and the Answers

 The Question: Are you going to work out this morning?

The Quick Answer:  Probably not.  I have too much to do.  

The Full Answer:  The facts are, I have PMS, and my sports bra is dirty, and I could really use new sneakers so my toes don't get crunched.  I'm sick of my exercise dvds, and I'm planning to go to spin class on Sunday morning so that should be enough cardio for this week.  I have been idle for so long it is hard to get back into it again, and it's wonderful to just have one child at home for a few glorious hours this gorgeous Fall morning in the Middle, and I already ate breakfast and I worry that I'll get a cramp.  Oh and the cool weather is perfect for throwing open the windows and baking some bread.

Plus, she is so happy playing by herself and I really could get some writing and book promotion done, and she would be just as happy watching another episode of Dora so I could go meditate for an hour and she would never notice.

And there's the list.  I have so many things to do this morning.  I could really jam through them because I have only one girl at home this morning while her sisters are at school.  Laundry, the giant weeds under the bird feeder (it is such a lovely morning to be outside), the dishes in the sink from yesterday, emails, dancing school registration, a last trip to Target for preschool supplies, Costco list, editing my pictures from the Train concert, scheduling the dentist, the mammogram, the haircut...paying the bills, posting the furniture on craigslist, giving the dog a bath, rotating the closets... 

The Real Answer:  The only thing that keeps me from working out.  Is me.  The only thing that keeps me from doing any thing.  Is me.

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