Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's the Point?

You might not have known this about me, but have this little side job as the leader of a group of people who get together once a week to talk about struggling with food and behaviors and healthy living and some of the finer Points of weight loss.  I am so inspired by this group of losers (as I affectionately call them because collectively they have lost nearly 1,000 pounds over the years) that I cannot believe someone pays me to do this job. 

Today, at our meeting I asked them to bring "before" pictures of themselves and clothing that they no longer wear because of their shrinking waistlines.  They came.  They showed pictures.  They shared stories.  They modeled ridiculously over-sized clothing.  And all sorts of things were said about why they continued to make the effort to transform their lives and their bodies.  These people are amazing.

I can sum up the sentiment of all the things said in two short sentences.  The struggles.  The highs.  The lows.  The challenges and victories.  Two sentences.

Once your head is in the game, your butt has no choice but to follow along.

When we weigh less...we are way more.

Thank you to my Tuesday ladies and gentleman.  You are truly an inspiration.

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  1. Great and Good Works! (great writing too) Indeed this body/mind (emotion/spirit/....) is quite a journey so much more ... way more... than what it appears on the outside. Peace and Laughter!! heather